Encrypted Partition

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Hello everyone, this time I will explain how we encrypt our partitions so that not everyone can open them.

And keep in mind, this post, still has to do with the 3 previous posts, which are about partitions.

Immediately we go to the first step

The first
Make sure before you start, the partition we want to encrypt is not mounted.

And here I will encrypt paritis sdb1

You can check your property by typing

Then, after making sure the partition we want to encrypt has not been mounted, we type it like this

cryptsetup luksFormat / dev / sdb1 (because I want to encrypt sdb1)

There we are asked to create a password

The second
After we lock, we must have the filesystem in the partition before we mount the partition. the way

mkfs -t ext4 / dev / mapper / whatever (free)
The third
We just mount it here, the way is, we first create a folder in / min /

free name
mkdir / mnt / free name
After that, we will mount it

mount / dev / mapper / whatever / min / whatever
And done!

If you want to lock an encrypted partition, type this command

umount / min / name that you made
cryptsetup luksClose the name you made

Thank you
Maybe that’s what I can write this time, as usual, criticism & suggestions are needed in my writing to be better in the future. So, you can contact me via Twitter, Instagram, which is listed at the bottom of my website, or on the criticisms & suggestions menu which is right on the top of my web.


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