Create, Delete, and Modify Local User Accounts, Modify Local Groups and Group Memberships

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Today I will explain how to create a new user and grub on Linux.

The first
The first is to create a new user. Creating a new user is several ways, the first is

sudo useradd toni
and the second is

sudo adduser lulu
The difference is, if the useradd is immediately created without a password, so we have to set the password again, while the adduser is all included, so we are immediately asked to create a password, etc., as shown below:

Oh yes, if we want to make sure that the user who was already working, we can see it in the folder

cat / etc / passwd

The second
The second is delete user. Delete user is very easy, we only need to type the command

userdel (user name you want to delete)
The third
The third is to create a new user with the include file that we want to create. The trick, we create or copy the folder that we have in the directory or folder

/ etc / skel
The folder will appear in our new home directory user but does not appear in our home directory. The way is, we can’t file it before we create a new user

The fourth
The fourth is to create a new group. This group is useful for grouping users. So this might be very useful if we work in the company where there are many employees, maybe they can make grub for each division. Just like creating a user, there are two ways to create grub. The first:

addgroup (namagrup)

groupadd (namagrup)
The difference may be only a little, if the addgroup has some sort of process, the groupadd doesn’t exist.

And if we want to check an existing group, we only need to see it on

cat / etc / group
and to delete it, we only need to type the command

groupdel (group name you want to delete)
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