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Actually, is that swap space? If the analogy is like this, for example we work in an office, now our work desk has a lot of tasks that must be done, so if there is a new file that is unloaded, the file space is created, so the files on our work table are not too full .

That’s the analogy, swap is like a backup memory.

Then, there are two ways to create swap memory, namely by using partitions, and using ordinary folders or files

First step
First, I will explain how to make swap memory using partitions.


The first
Specify the partition that you will make swap memory.


I will become my sdb3 partition as swap memory.

How to?

mkswap / dev / sdb3
Then, to turn it on

swapon / dev / sdb3

Do you see the difference?

then, you can check whether it works on

free -mt

Then, if you want to reflect (make it permanent) when restarting it immediately appears, so we don’t turn on every time we turn on our PC.


nano / etc / fstab
Add it

/ dev / sdb3 swap swap defaults 0 0

Adjust to the partitions that you have

Second way
Secondly, we use files for swap memory.


The first
dd if = / dev / zero of = / root / myswapfile bs = 1M count = 1024
name after / root / myswapfile (this is free)

The second
The second we change the permissions to

chmod 600 / root / myswapfile
The third
Just like the first way

mkswap / root / myswapfile


swapon / root / myswapfile
After that, then we want to patent it like the first way, the method is the same

nano / etc / fstab

then add

/ root / myswapfile swap swap defaults 0 0
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